("PHP LeXical analyzeR" or "PHP Language Cross Referencer") is a tool for cross-referencing PHP aplication source trees. It's written in PHP using a modified version of class.layout by, relies heavily on PHP's PCRE (preg_*) functions, and uses MySQL.

The idea appeared when I tried to make use of LXR ( on an NT machine - the absence of a win32 port of Glimpse rendered the task impossible. And while I quickly abandoned the target of building a cross-referencing tool for C sources (I don't think I'm good enough for this. :), I realized the PHP hackerdom would certainly welcome this - I know I would. :)

This software (serves|should serve|will serve) several purposes, including:
  • provide a platform-independent cross-referencing tool for PHP sources
  • allow for cross-referencing of PHP apps in CVS repositories
As soon as SF put on PHP 4.0.5 (phLXR uses preg_replace_callback() pretty much) I'll set up a live demo on the source of phLXR.
Meanwhile, you can see how it (currently) looks on these two static pages: output of browse & output of source.
As these two examples show, this is still in very early stages.
WARNING: don't look at the page with anything else than IE 5+! (If you wanna help with HTML, let us know. :)

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